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Integrating modern with minimal design to create long-lasting, and functional woodwork and metalwork. Based in traditional and contemporary techniques every piece is handcrafted to last a lifetime.

Timothy Wood is an experienced craftsmen, with expertise in blending woodworking with metal machining and fabrication. He is committed to quality, craftsmanship, and beauty, bringing commitment to the intent and purpose of each project. Tim works closely with contractors, engineers, and also enjoy direct collaborations with visionary homeowners. As a small shop, nestled in the hardwoods of Goochland Virginia, Tim enjoys the hands on approach to each project, personally working through every detail, from design to fabrication.

An artisan’s workshop like this is only as good as the artisan… Tim has carved out a comfortable workplace with all the toys – I mean tools, to be creative and truly enjoy what I do. It’s like I was made to do this.



In order to make beautiful furniture, you often have to use the finest lumber. We mill all our own lumber using proven techniques to our own specifications.

Sanding, sizing, profiling and edge banding occur here. Whether a piece is part of a large production run or unique, care is taken to ensure each part goes together flawlessly.

Our CNC capabilities (5’x10′) allow us ultimate flexibility. From casework to intricately designed boardroom tables, the CNC allows us to be perfect every time. We also offer special pricing on slab flattening and supporting the local DIY community with laser engraving and CNC machining at reasonable shop prices.

The culmination of production, each piece is hand-assembled to the highest tolerances to ensure perfect fit and finish in the field.


We can provide welding of all types; SMAW, GMAW, GTAW. (Stick/Arc, Mig and Tig). We have multiple aluminum welding processes with years of experience to meet all your fabrication needs.

We can cut just about anything metal from sheets to I-Beams; hydraulic shear, torch cutting, CNC plasma, band saw or saw cutting. Our sheet metal shear can handle 10 gauge mild steel or 13 gauge stainless steel.

We provide tube bending or rolling of square and round tubing. As well as hole punching, shearing, CNC mill and lathe machining.

Custom fabrication of all kinds including sheet metal fabrication, folding and shearing of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Steel. We can repair or remake just about any metal part/structure.

The Process

Whether tasked with a complete design, or just figuring out the little things, no detail goes overlooked. Successful design is always a team effort- We LISTEN to your needs, wants and budget. TRUST in our years of experience with materials, form and finishes. And TRANSFORM your idea into reality.

Our design principles draw from classic modernist hallmarks – crisp clean lines, minimal adornment with emphasis on the natural material’s physical and structural properties, and an honest synthesis of form and function. The shapes, colors and textures of raw metal and wood products are celebrated rather than obscured. We favor novel mechanical connections, concealed welds and hardware, and underlying structure laid bare. If we can’t find a suitable hinge, fastener, lever etc- we’ll just design/build one from scratch.

If you’re serious about owning your own unique piece of heirloom-quality American furniture, we’re here for you. Inquire now if you’d like to commission us for something new. See more details on our services.

View From The Shop

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Let's Talk

Have a question or would like more information on getting your custom project under way? Send an email, give us a call, or schedule an appointment. To expedite the quote process please provide as much detail as possible:

  • Approximate dimensions
  • Species of wood if known
  • Images inspiring your custom project if applicable.

Tel: (804) 502-2264

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