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When you want something that is not listed in the currently available page on this site, then you will want to contact me about commissioning the piece. Commissions range from a faithful reproduction of one of the pieces as pictured on this site… to a variation of a piece you see in terms of size, woods etc.,…  to the creation of something totally new that I design from scratch. Regardless of where your project falls in this range, to commission a piece I generally require a deposit equal to half of the total cost up front. My receipt of this deposit solidifies a place in my schedule to do the work and creates an agreement between us.

Calculating the deposit is straightforward for pieces that are pictured in the gallery of this site as I have included pricing in their descriptions. Pricing for custom variations of many of these pieces can also be fairly easily determined when a slightly different size or wood choice is desired–call or email me with your request and I can usually get back to you in a day or two with most quotes.

When considering the designing/pricing  of a more involved custom piece, my process is the following: I begin by asking for as much information as possible about the intended use and environment the new piece is intended to inhabit. Any pictures that you can furnish me with, at this point, will help a great deal, especially  if I am unable to view a space in person. Following our discussion, I’ll give an estimate of cost–often a range– based on the information. If the estimate is acceptable, I will then produce scaled drawings to show in detail what you will be receiving, or giving you options from which to choose, depending on the situation. I may, if warranted, even construct a quick 3-dimensional model as I did for my first Cirrus3  table (pictured), which was a commission. When all details are worked out as much as possible I will give an exact cost.

When a final design and price is agreed upon I will give an estimated time frame and request the deposit. Because the design process can be lengthy for complex pieces, I may sometimes suggest a deposit early on, based on estimated cost, to hold space in my schedule while we work out the details for a piece that a client knows he/she wants built.

If, for any reason an agreement is not reached I will charge a modest design fee for the drawings and design work that I have put in. This design fee is included in the price of a completed commissioned piece.

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